Since PCauto was launched in July 2002, it has developed into one of the largest automobile portals in China. It provides both comprehensive and the latest product information on various domestic and international automobiles through its local guides and directories serving the following major cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Xi'an and Fujian. Similar to PConline, PCauto also offers brand reviews and testing services (which is also not a revenue generating service). PCauto's staff works with automobile manufacturers and cooperates with the mainstream media to review automobiles and report on testing results and functions. Such automobile reviews and test photographs are posted on the portal, along with after-sale service information such as automobile maintenance reports, thereby allowing online users to gain important insights into an automobile's quality before making a purchase. PCauto also fosters the creation of automobile-related special interest clubs on its portal to enhance its stickiness.

PCauto offers its services through the following main channels:

  • Industry/automobile category information
  • Price quotes
  • Automobile testing results
  • Forums
  • Automobile brand summaries
  • Automobile reviews
  • Shopping locations
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